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An Italian Mortgage can be a good option to realize your dream in Italy

Since the 1998, Ugo worked ,as mortgage and Italian burocracy expert, with clients from all over the world , for arrange real estate mortgages in Italy,to foreign nationals,on Italian citizens, with income from outside the Italy . Ugo, offer a comprehensive Italian Mortgage submission service, for Italian property purchase financing, restore, renovate, rigth from the beginning all the way trougth to completion day and much more, the full package includes the assistance in order to receive: the tax code, the residence in Italy, the italian bank account,the health insurance for obtain Elective Residence in Italy, the Italian life insurance for mortgage payment in case of accident, the italian home insurance. Ugo then will be your guide to undestrand and comply with the italian bureaucracy and to looking in Italy to for a notary, a lawyer, an architect, a surveyor, English language speaking

If you are interested on buying an Italian property ,a casale, a villa,a restored farmhouse ,a Trullo in Puglia,an historic buildings or apartment in medieval and renaissance cities or in the Italian countryside. If you need to get an Italian surroga Mortgage to refinance without bank fees your's old expensive Mortgage in Italy, If you will building yours dream house in Italy, and need to get an Italian mortgage: Ugo , in force of a regular power of attorney,can help you in "get a mortgage in Italy as Non Italian" from an Italian bank , granted in according with yours repayment means and times.

Realize today your dream to live in Italy, with a No Stress italian Mortgage , with Ugo help, and tomorrow you may discover that you have also made an excellent investment. Ask those who have already availed themselves of its services, to tell you, their experience with Ugo , click on Ugo's clients say , above on this page

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